• Stepmothers! MAKE YOUR FAMILY HOME BASE-Wise Stepmother Advice

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    Children Always Know When They Are Home Even If The Stepmother Is There!

    A wise advisor told me to always be ‘home base’ to my children.  She said that physical custody had nothing to do with being home base.  For some reason, this advice resonated with me.  I knew exactly what she meant.  Although, as a stepmother, I worried if I could do it.

    Home base meant a place to which you always came back.  It made you feel as if you scored when you were there.  It was a safe place and you wanted to revisit it.  The funny thing about home base was that the quantity of visits meant nothing.  If you visited home base once or one hundred times, it always felt great to be there.

    People are pretty simple beings when you get down to it.  Humans want to be acknowledged and feel important.  They want to be heard.  When your children feel acknowledged, they will feel like champions.  It doesn’t matter whether you have your children full time or not, they will know when they are on home base.