• Congrats to Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth…I Think! Jim, Welcome to the World of Stepparenting!

  • Jim Toth is a very lucky man. He is the guy who married Reese Witherspoon this past weekend. No, he is not my buddy, but we are now permanently connected into ‘Stepworld’ together. You would think that Jim is lucky because he married a beautiful, wealthy, famous actress. That’s all nice, but he will find out that the greatest reward that he will gain from this marriage will be his stepchildren.

    He will learn that the paparazzi will be a minor challenge compared to learning how to stepparent. As the spouse of a well-known person, he already knows that his ego has to be put aside. But, his ego will have to be put away permanently as a stepparent. He will learn how to be silent and how to give up his power. He will learn patience and probably be extremely frustrated as he watches some parenting of which he does not agree. He will live in a home that will never be completely his or run ‘his’ way. He will often feel like a fifth wheel.

    Jim will learn what it is like to love people completely unconditionally. The children will always be able to look to him for support, without being involved in any of the parental drama. He will know a love from people who really don’t “have” to care for him. In fact there is a good chance that the children will love him for who he truly is. It will be a love like he has never known.

    Yes, Jim Toth is a lucky guy. He is one of us: the members of ‘Stepworld’.

    Good Luck, Jim
    All Your Fellow Stepparents