• Meet The Evil StepMother

  • Once upon a time, I misplaced my first husband…similar to misplacing your car keys. I came home and my husband was gone, which led me to a life as a single mom for six years. I was a single mom to a darling, little boy, Ean. I am Barb Goldberg. I was about to embark on my next adventure. Read on…

    Several years later, I was at a friend’s birthday party at a local restaurant. I noticed a lone gentleman in the room and knew immediately that I would someday marry that guy. I told my best friend to take a look at him because I would one day marry him. True to my word, I married “that guy”, my second husband, Bruce. Thus, began my journey as a stepmother to three wonderful kids: Adrienne, Nathan and Betsy. I now had the opportunity to parent children who ranged in age from six to fifteen. It wasn’t long before my children started to label me, “Wicked One”: a name I have worn with pride (especially when given the opportunity to shoot at them at laser tag). I made it my personal mission to make sure that I showed those kids a good time and appropriate revenge on a daily basis. It has been quite the journey that I love sharing with my readers, students and clients.

    Along the way, I received a Masters degree in Business and a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education. I am also a Certified Life Coach, studying with Dr. Martha Beck. (Dr. Beck is a world renowned author and columnist for O Magazine.) I also have spent almost 20 years in corporate America with a large Fortune 500 company: skills that have certainly helped to create classes and coaching programs for stepmothers who would like a more peaceful life. To that end, my goal is to teach the art and science of stepfamily management.  Neuroscience, biology, sociology, leadership skills combined with good ole fashioned Mom know-how combine to find each stepmother’s happily ever after. Bring your sense of humor. You’ll need it!

    Welcome to the World of the Evil Stepmother!
    Barb Goldberg

    Martha Beck Certified CoachYou can read Barb’s articles in The Huffington Post, and she was selected as a syndicated blogger for BlogHer.  Her blog, “The Evil Stepmother Speaks” was chosen as #1 Blended-Family Blog by Circle of Moms. Her Facebook communities, The Evil Stepmother Speaks and the private community, Stepmom Life Class are outlets for thousands of stepmothers. You can hear Barb weekly on The Evil Stepmother Speaks Radio Show on BlogTalk Radio. Her book, The Evil Stepmother Speaks: A Guide for Stepfamilies Who Want to Love and Laugh is a favorite among stepmoms.