• The Book: The Evil Stepmother Speaks

  • Introducing, the Book!
    The Evil Stepmother Speaks
    A Guide for Stepfamilies Who Want to Love and Laugh

    I Cried and Laugh When I Wrote It.

    Finally, the classic fairy tale is retold from the stepmother perspective. You will laugh and cry as the “Evil” stepmother travels on her journey to find the magic potion that will blend her family. Here is the book that tells the stepmother specific tactics and strategies on how to attain a happy family.

    The story starts like this…
    Once upon a time, in a family down the street, there was a King and a Queen. They never believed that they would be divorced. But, then again, none of us ever believe that! In walks the naïve stepmother who has no idea what is to befall her. As the stepmother takes her journey to find how to blend her family, you will laugh and cry along the way.

    My rationale for The Evil Stepmother Speaks is that…
    I always wished that I had known what was going to happen to me, once I became a stepmother. I wish that someone had taught me how to laugh. I wish that someone had told me what to do. I wish that someone had shown me that it was all going to work out. Hopefully, The Evil Stepmother Speaks grants these wishes.