• Just in case you haven’t heard, the new rage among teenagers is ‘Spock’ or elf ears. Yes, you can get pointy ears. Kids can visit body modification artists like Steve Haworth and reshape their ears. Now all children can look like elves or like Mr. Spock. The best news is that this procedure is permanent.
    Whenever I hear these stories, I immediately think of the unwitting parents who gave birth to these ‘pointy-earred ‘people. Can you imagine your child coming home with elf ears? For me, elf ears can be placed in the same category as piercings and tattoos. In our family, we had our 15 year-old come home with a shaved head. Why? The other kids challenged him to shave his head and they would give him $14.00. Makes sense, right? For the record, he only collected $7.00.
    Here is what parents should do both pre- and post- pointy ears.
    Establish a pre-ear policy. We used this policy and applied it to tattoos, but it will work for pointy ears as well. The policy states that if the child decides to get a tattoo, I (Evil Stepmom or any parent), immediately executes a second tattoo. The fun part is that the parent gets to choose the location and message of this new tattoo. Every child gets to decide if they want to take this chance. They also get to fantasize about what location and message we might choose. Regarding pointy ears, the same policy would apply. We parents will get to choose another piece of body cartilage and choose a fun new shape.
    Your post-ear policy should be as follows. Say nothing. Do nothing. Never say a word. When your child comes home, ignore the pointy ears and never say anything about them. Think about it. The main motivation for pointy ears just has to be attention: positive or negative. So, say nothing. This will drive your little Spock insane.