• Stepmoms Are Fun at Royal Weddings: Advice for Camilla Parker Bowles

  • Even if you are a member of the royal family, when you are the stepmom, we all get treated the same way. What should you do with us? It is a topic that has stumped people throughout the royal ages. Should we walk down the aisle? Or, should we just be seated up front? Do we shop for the wedding dress with the bride? Never! Do we make a toast? Where do we sit? Are we thanked at the wedding? Most of all, how do we make sure that the biological mother is honored and that no one gets confused. Know your place.
    Know one thing for sure. All of us will be the subject of gossip at the wedding. Believe me, Camilla, you will get verbally abused from morning to sunset on April 29th. The nice thing is that you are not alone. We are in this together. But, let me give you some solid advice. You need to have a bit of a drink. You don’t want to be sloppy drunk, but a professional ‘buzz’ is necessary.
    I think you have been saved from the ‘seating’ issue, but for most of us, it is fun to decide where to seat us. We are always at a parent table, but just a “step” (pun) away from the actual bride and groom. I am thinking that you will be in the same boat.
    Camilla, I do not believe that you will be giving a toast. None of us do. Really, who wants to hear our thoughts on the matter and it creates a power move. How awkward! In fact, our mere presence is AWKWARD! In your case, I am afraid it is even worse. You will be competing with Princess Diana. Kate is wearing Diana’s ring and travelling in Diana’s wedding carriage. I guarantee you that your outfit will be compared over and over again to what Diana may have worn. You cannot win. The best advice? Keep your head and your hat down. Try to stay out of the spotlight and stay quiet. It is a winning formula for all of us stepmoms.