• Who Really Rules the World?


    Barack Obama?  Steve Jobs?  The Chinese?


    The power lies in the stepmother and I can prove it.

    Throughout literature, it has been the stepmother who has been pictured as the source of all evil:  passionate for power and dedicating her life to torturing all who tried to stop her evil plan.  Really?  I never quite understood what the plan was??  And, as our friend, Glinda the Good Witch said, “You had the power all the time”

    So, as a bonafide stepmother, I have decided to execute my own evil plan. What if the world laughed and loved each other?  It’s a diabolical thought, but we can execute our plan before the end of wars or the development of an iPhone that can take calls. (*This should buy me time)

    Here’s the plan:

    Stepmothers have tremendous influence over our spouses, all the children and even the associated family members on both sides of the family. What if we made each of those people laugh?  The results would be resounding laughter throughout the world.

    I can hear the sound of resounding laughter and the evil laughter of stepparents everywhere.